The Ylarn


Riptorus Minerius


Organic; Furry, Mole-Like


Centered in Solar Systems with Planets that are rich in minerals; Generally near the center of the Milky Way




Galactica Member Species

Threat Rating



The Galactica's Miners, Mole Men, Diggers



Contact with Member Species

Made contact with Humanity circa 2342 while mining out planets

The Ylarn: The Galactica's Miners Edit

The Galactica first made contact with the Ylarn during the Age of Discovery in 2342. The Ylarn were extremely hospitable, and were easily convinced to join the Galactica. At the time, they had almost completely mined all the ore and minerals out of their three planets, Tirgen, Unan, and Arae. The Galactica allowed the Ylarn to expand to new planets, but they were very choosy when it came to picking new planets to colonize. The Ylarn only wanted the most mineral rich planets, showing their propensity for mining. The Galactica provided the Ylarn with these new, mineral rich planets, and ever since, the Ylarn have provided the Galactica with thirty percent of the ore and minerals that are used in the contruction of ships, buildings, and space stations.

The Great Collapse Edit

The Great Collapse was a horrible accident that occured on a new Ylarn colony, Rian, in 4225. The Ylarn had just completed their largest mine yet, one that would mine minerals and ore faster than ever before. When activated, however, there was a rupture in the fuel tanks, which supplied the mine's machinery. The tanks caught fire and the entire mine exploded on a massive scale, ripping the very foundations of the mine out of the ground and throwing them into the air. Millions of Ylarn workers died in the explosion, and many more died from falling debris and smoke inhalation. Ever since then, the Ylarn are much more cautious when building new mines, and always have the Galactica's best inspectors take a look at their equipment before activation.

Physiology Edit

The Ylarn are very mole like, and are commonly referred to as Mole Men. They stand about five feet tall, and are commonly hunched over, making them appear even shorter. They are mostly covered in hair, save for the palms of their hands. They have long snouts that end in a pinkish nose, and have black, beady eyes. They have very sharp claws which were used for digging before the Ylarn switched to using tools for digging. They have a very short, skinny tail, about a foot long in length.