Vaspurtin: The 13th Member World Edit

In the early days of the galactic community, the Galactica did not exist. Instead, there was the UDOW- the Union of Democratic and Organized Worlds. Vaspurtin was the 13th world to join it- and was the 13th to join the Galactica as well. It was a world unlike any other- and was somewhat swampy and the entire planet was covered in forests. The locals were the Fironi, amphibious creatures that had managed to develope regular ranged soud to avoid being heard by the life forms of the planet that used Hyopsonic frequencies to communicate. They did, however, manage to still hear those as well.

History Edit

The early history of Vaspurtin is unknown to most, however, it also went through the stages most worlds did. It did not, however, develop technology using metal, but instead used biotechnology.