Formerly loacted in Sarin Sictor





Threat Rating

Peaceful (Average)



History Edit

Historical records of the Vasonions are almost non-existant, and most records of them come from the wreckage of a Ranthen fleet. What is known of them is that they took part in the Idealogical War and were completely exterminated by the Lithilions.

The Idealogical War Edit

The Ranthens and Vasonions used to be great allies, helping each other expand and colonize new worlds in the galaxy of Sarin Sictor. There was a problem between the two races, however. The Ranthens believed that since they were ruled by queens, that females should be the rulers of all races. The Vasonions had a completely opposite ideal, considering men to be superior and women better fit for labor on the colonies. This seemingly insignificant problem erupted into a full scale war, pitting the Ranthen armada against the Vasonion war fleets. The Vasonions, however, were far superior technologically, and easily crushed the Ranthens, taking each Ranthen colony one by one, until only the Ranthen's home planet of Kasair was left. The Vasonions surrounded the planet and made preparations for orbital bombardment.

The Ranthens, however, had a secret biological weapon ready for the Vasonions, and launched a payload of missiles at the Vasonion fleet. The biological weapon, a deadly parasite, quickly spread between the ships in the fleet, killing everyone on board the ships. The parasite, however, bonded with the Vasonion's ships and robotic infantry, and became the Lithilions. The Lithilions attacked the Ranthen home planet, taking it for themselves.

Extinction Edit

The Lithilions wanted to expand, and quickly mobilized to attack the Vasonions colonies and home planet. The Vasonions were unprepared for the attack, not knowing what had transpired at the Battle of Kasair. The Lithilions attacked the Vasonion colonies and homeworld, Abas, and the Vasonions were completely erradicated.

Physiology Edit

The Vasonions vary greatly between genders, but it is generally accepted that males are built much larger, stronger, and faster than the females of their race. Males have very dark green scales covering their body, but look more humanoid than lizard. They have white eyes with pupils that are usually red in color. They also have a short tail, usually only a foot long. Male Vasonions are usually six foot and are very well built, while females are usually only five foot and are very frail.