The Masters are a previously undiscovered species of spacefaring people, from what appears to be the edge of the universe. A transmission picked up in 14,000 A.I. shows that they have an incredibly advanced civilization, and are broadcasting their existence to the universe.

As all we know of them is from this transmission, it appears they are a Level 7 species, but we cannot be for sure. They could easily be lying, and just be at our level.

The transmission is as follows:

"Greetings, peoples of the Universe. We are the Masters- an incredibly advanced species. We have ships that travel the stars, across the voids between galaxies. We have ships that travel through time, effectively giving us control over all of our domain. We are the Masters of the Universe- your very existence is credit due to our will.

"As such, we require that all species of the Universe send a sleeper ship to Universal Point 0394-3920-3929, where our species shall initiate first contact. Any species found unworthy will be destroyed, and any that do not show up will be annhilated when the Universe dies.

"Those who show up will be spared and allowed to survive in the next world, which we shall ensure exists using our technology. Remember, peoples of the Universe, that you all shall one day meet our kind."

It is thus assumed they are either a violent species, or a pacifist species that is going to ensure survival of species in a new universe. If they are at the edge of the Universe, it is entirely likely no species will arrive there until the end of the universe.

However, this may be a hoax sent from a small species, but none-the-less, it is worth looking into.