Orgainic; Large, Beetle-Like Insectoids


Formerly located in Sarin Sictor





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Peaceful (Average)

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History Edit

Almost nothing is known of the Ranthen, except for the fact that they were involved in the Idealogical War and were completely irradicated by the Lithilions. What is known is pieced together from wreckage from Ranthen ships that were recovered when they drifted into the Milky Way.

The Idealogical War Edit

Ranthen history before the war is very sketchy, but it is known that shortly before the war, the Ranthens and Vasonions had been good allies. What started the war was Ideals. The Ranthen ideal society was where the women of the race, which served as queens over the Ranthens, would rule. The Vasonions prefered male rule, as the females were suited more toward motherly work, such as taking care of children and cleaning. Thus, it pitted the Ideals of Female rule vs Male rule, and the two fought over which was superior. This seemingly insignificant problem erupted into full blown war, pitting the Ranthen armada against the war fleets of the Vasonions. The Vasonions, while ruling only three planets, were vastly superior than the Ranthens technology wise, and easily annihalated the Ranthen fleets. The Vasonions easily took every Ranthen world except for their home planet of Kasair, and surrounded it, preparing to orbitally bombard it.

Extinction Edit

The Ranthens discovered a parasitic jello-like creature that lived deep under the crust of Kasair, thanks to the efforts of Saten Kar, a Ranthen scientist. In a last ditch attempt to survive, the Ranthens launched a barrage of missiles filled with the parasites at the Vasonion fleet, and soon after the Vasonions were completely annihilated. The Ranthens choice of weaponry was poor, however, and the parasite, which had infected the ships and the robotic infantry on board them, landed on Kasair and slaughtered all the Ranthens on the surface of the world.

The Ranthens that had been captured by the Vasonions had no idea what had transpired, and still believed there was hope for their race. Soon after the Battle of Kasair, however, the Lithilions, a new race made from the bonding of the parasite and the machines of the Vasonions, attacked every Vasonion planet, killing Vasonion soldiers, Vasonion citizens, and Ranthen POWs. Thus, the Ranthens were truely irradicated, their extinction brought on by the error of their actions.

Physical Traits Edit

The Ranthens were a race of insectoids that inhabited several planets in the Sarin Sictor galaxy. They had two small antenna on a large, bulbous head. They had seven legs, three on each side of their body and one on their back. The back one had sharp claws on it, strong enough to rip through steel. They stood about five and a half feet, and were fairly slow in gait. Females were usually a foot larger, bulkier, and stronger than males. Queens of the species were well over seven feet and are huge. They ruled over the Ranthens, directing their day to day activities.