Sarin Sictor




Dry, Barren, Very little rainfall


80% Land / 20% Water

Current Owner

Lithilions (Homeworld)

Physical Makeup Edit

Kasair's physical makeup has changed twice. It was different before the Ranthen's gained intelligence, was different after the Ranthen's fully colonized, and made it's final change after the Lithilions colonized it and claimed it as their homeworld.

Before Ranthen Intelligence Edit

Kasair is a large planet, approxiametly 60,000 miles in diameter. It has two very small ice caps, and is mostly barren land, approxiametly 80% of Kasair being land, all on one continent. It rarely rains, an average of 20 inches a year over land, and has very hot and dry climate year round. These harsh conditions make for very specialized species, as there are only two areas of Kasair; hot, dry land and it's ocean, Sweera. The creatures on land are adapted for long treks in the baked deserts, and usually make burrows to sleep in. Food is very rare, and can only be found in a few select areas. Much of Kasair's land based species are predatory, with a smaller fraction being herbivores.

After Ranthen Intelligence and Complete Colonization Edit

The Ranthens, an insectoid species that were herbivores, gained intelligence, and began moving out of their underground nests and onto land to explore. The curiosity of the Ranthens lead them to spread across the entire continent. They mapped out the entire continent, but were contained no the land due to lack of naval ships. The Ranthens eventually developed this technology, and finished mapping out Kasair. The next one thousand years of the Ranthens are unknown, due to corruption of log files, but one thousand years later, the Ranthens developed air technology, and soon after began trying to develop a space program. By this time, all of Kasair had been colonized and completely mapped out, save for the bottom of the Sweera ocean. The Ranthens had colonized both above ground and below ground, still retaining their tendency to build structures partially or completely underground.
By the time the Ranthens developed space tech and met the Vasonions, Kasair was very urbanized, with little of the characteristic barren wastes left. However, Kasair would undergo another change after the Idealogical War.

After Lithilion Capture Edit

At the end of the Idealogical War, the Lithilions captured Kasair and transformed it to meet their needs. They constructed massive mines to drill the metal ores they needed to construct and expand, and also built huge factories that pumped out hundreds of Lithilion infantry, vehicles, and ships a day. Slowly, the land area of Kasair went from simply urbanized to completely inorganic, not a shred of natural habitat left, the Lithilions completely building over it all. The oceans, while still there, are extremely toxic from the constant waste products that are dumped into them, and the climate is extremely inhospitable for all life, save for the Lithilions.