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Well, a few months back, I decided to write a science fiction series of stories involving mankind's future. Taking place over the span of 14,000 years, this series would have the Rissoni invasion of the galaxy in 2035, setting all life back to the stone age, the rise of man to space, the formation of two galactic governments, and even a few major wars.

But why this wiki? Well, I think it'd be easier for me to write this if I didn't have to think everything in it up. It'll have thousands of worlds, thousands of planets. And then I thought "lets have a wiki, so anyone can contribute to this universe I'm writing!" and then I thought, after that, let's let anyone who wants to write stories in this universe do so- so long as one of the admins here agrees.

And here we are. Writing the future of the galaxy, one word at a time.

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