The Galactica
Galactica Flag

Date of Formation

Official Date- 2212 Unofficial date 1410

Type of Government

Representative Imperial Democracy (Imperial Republic)

Leading Officials

Emperor Miahs XXX, Prime Minister Hi'sa T'suan, 20,000+ Senators

Military Strength

Class 8 Military


Earth (Current) Tri-Galactic Point (Future)


Known Universe

# of Species Involved

10,000 and Increasing

The Galactica: A Brief Introduction Edit

The Galactica, unlike most interstellar alliances, has managed to last these 14,000+ years intact. It has in fact spread across three galaxies, and survived three major wars (Although there have been countless other wars throughout it's history only three are major enough to have affected the whole of it). It is slowly decreasing the amount of colonization and expansion, but none-the-less is growing. It's population has reached 12 trillion at it's peak, and is now believed to be around 11.8 trillion and is once again on the rise from it's blunt drop of a few billion. As you are reading this page, you must be a member of the Galactica, so it will be no surprise to you to find out that it's current Emperor is Miahs XXX, with his Prime Minister being Hi'sa T'suan, and that it's three galaxy reign has an ever increasing number of species, now in the 10,000s but still increasing. It's planet count is at 100,000,000,000 and the system count is in the trillions. It is a Representative Imperial Democracy or an Imperial Republic, meaning that it is lead by an Emperor, who has limited power and has to deal with a Senate and House of Representatives.

A Brief History Edit

Milky Way 2

The home galaxy of the Galactica with labels. It is the most populated of the Galactica's three galaxies as well- the Milky Way.

The Galactica was founded- or better put reformed- from the UDOW in 2212- in the Milky Way galaxy. It's capital became the Sol System, with Earth as the home of the original leader- a "President" of sorts. As time went on, the Galactica continued expanding. Circa 2435, the Rissoni invaded again- and the Galactica managed to fend them off amazingly enough. The invasion had left it's mark though- war had hit the entire galaxy at once. To the main of the galaxy this was unheard of. As the clockwork ticked eventually, something gave- and the Galactic Civil War began in 3524, turning the Galactica into an Imperial Republic. Time went on, it expanded on... And then in 6674, the Rissoni invaded again. The entire Galactica barely managed to beat them- pushing them back to a single spiral arm of their home galaxy, and eventually managing to colonize it. As time went on, the Galactica began to prosper. After the last Golden Age of the Galactica, it had begun to decentralize. The military lost funding. It's three galaxies began to splinter. Now, in the modern Galactica, things are looking shabby. It is estimated that in around 700 to 2000 years the Galactica will die- and in it's death throes began an age of barbarism. We can only hope for our future being better than this, but things don't look too bright.